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Internal Gear Pumps

Albin RB – The Legend


To come up with a really good product demands plenty of knowledge and fresh, innovative ideas. Yet most important of all is to listen to our customers needs and requirements. So that we can see what can be improved and identify things that are not working optimally. Only then can we create something new - and that actually makes a big difference for you, the customer.


Robust and reliable operation

High and low viscous products

Smooth flow

Easy Maintenance

Simple design - Only two moving parts

Reduced downtime for service

Wide range of materials

High Efficiency

Conforms to API 676


The Legendary Gear Pump
The Albin RB offers a combination of strong design with small or large clearances, unique gear tooth profile and options such as electrical heating and built-on safety relief valves.

Sometimes the fluid are explosive, sometimes poisonous. They can be free-flowing or extremely viscous. Albin Pump has the experience and knowledge to meet the demands of these different characteristics. Together with our customers we select the right material and choose the right seal options to help you reach the optimal lifetime for the pump in various applications. Albin RB pumps are used in various industries and enviroments, which have thousands of liquids that need to be pumped. Gear pumps are used in all types of manufacturing industries for the transportation of both thin and thick liquids, from chocolate to diesel fuel.


Highly reliable, long service life, high vacuum and pressure ability, suited to a wide range of applications. These are just some of the characteristics of the Albin gear pump range, available in six sizes with a capacity range from 0 - 150 l/min. The design is compact and robust, based on well known and proven techniques, with just two moving parts - the rotor and the driven gear.

Flow is smooth without pulsation, enabling a wide range of high or low viscosity products to be easily handled. Oil, paint, asphalt, cooking oil, polyester, tar, isocyanate, polyol and adhesives are typical of the products which can be efficiently transferred, circulated, pressurised or dosed with Albin RB gear pumps.


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