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ALP - Opretional principle


Using a proven design
Two rollers on a rotor compress alternating with each other a thick-walled hose in a patented concentric guide and push on account of the rotation the content of the hose (the pumped liquid) from the suction to the discharge side. Through the subsequent opening of the hose a vacuum on the suction side is created by which a continuous aspiration results.

No other positive displacement pump offers this unique separation of pump and fluid.

Albin pumps clearly outperform all other pumps which rely on seals, valves or vanes for their operation. These components are repeatedly the cause of pump failure and high maintenance costs.

In sizes ALP09-ALP17, the rotor is supported by oversized ball bearings located within the pump casing; in sizes ALP25 - ALP45 the rotor is supported by the heavy-duty bearings of the flanged drive unit.

Liquids are conveyed within the hose and do not get in contact with any metal parts.

The Albin pump ALP range provides flow rates from micro-litres per minute to 10 m³/h and pressures up to 4 bar.

Fixed, variable, flameproof, and air operated drives, with comprehensive control options to enable pumps to be configured to your requirements.

We provide our customers with expert advice to give the best systems and installations that deliver the promised results.
All our customers have made major improvements in process performance, maintenance and product quality, resulting in cost savings previously thought unavailable.



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